Top Golf Shoe Brands for Kids

When it comes to children, parents who dream of their kids becoming successful golfers tend to spend fortunes on golf shoes so as their kids are well equipped in the ground to learn and succeed at the game. If you are amongst those parents stop worrying and spend wisely so that your kid enjoys the maximum benefit from the shoe while you spend your money effectively. Various brands are there in the market that are offering golf shoes particularly designed for kids. These include FootJoy, Adidas, Nike, Puma, DAWGS, etc.

FootJoy Kids Golf Shoes

The top of the list kids golf shoes offered by FootJoy are FJ Junior Freestyle Boys Golf Shoe, FootJoy GreenJoys Junior Sandal, and FootJoy Junior Hyperflex Golf Shoes. The junior golf shoes offered by FootJoy use easy to clean and highly durable spikes like those of professional golf shoes. Moreover, the sandal offered by the brand is a preferable choice for kid golfers playing in warm weather.

Adidas Kids Golf Shoes

Adidas Kids’ Jr Adipower Boa Dksimt/Ft Skate Shoe and Adidas Kids’ Jr Adicross V Grey/Grey/B Skate Shoe are amongst the top junior golf shoe products offered by Adidas. While the former one is a high end product; the latter is a less formal alternative. When it comes to golf shoes, Adidas mens golf shoes are amongst the top picks by experts. Adidas Kids’ Jr Adipower Boa Dksimt/Ft Skate Shoe clearly provides value for money as it has memory foam cushioned soles and water resistant outer layers. Adidas Kids’ Jr Adicross V Grey/Grey/B Skate Shoe is a lightweight shoe that offers heavy duty traction, comfort, and easy cleaning.

Nike Kids Golf Shoes

Nike offers Nike Control Junior Golf Shoes and Nike Golf VT JR Golf Shoe which are amongst the top picks for kid golf shoes. Both these shoes differ greatly in terms of traction. While Control Junior has integrated traction and water resistant outer; VT JR facilitates nice shoe transition for regular kids playtime as well as golf and is ideal for beginner kid golfers.

Puma Kids Golf Shoes

PUMA JR Biofusion Golf Shoe is amongst the highest seller when it comes to kids golf shoes category and hence, there are high chances that it could be out of stock. With foam insoles, it is extremely comfortable and has fully integrated lug traction. PUMA Golf Titantour Cleated JR Shoes is another extremely comfortable product offered by Puma but has a conventional traction system unlike Biofusion. When selecting kids’ golf shoes, these top of the list brands should also be considered as they provide higher value for money and are more reliable in terms of offering the key features required in kids golf shoes for junior, find out more here for buyer’s guide to and things to consider before purchasing golf shoes.

DAWGS Kids Golf Shoes

DAWGS offers DAWGS Spirit Lightweight Golf Shoes which is a comfortable and lightweight golf shoe designed particularly for those kids who have just started to play golf. The key features of these shoes are their affordability and the ease of use they offer in terms of hook and loop fasteners.